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With its incredibly personal, epic and beautiful oriental-infused progressive metal, MYRATH has slowly but surely established itself as one of the most fascinating bands in the current international metal scene. After months of hard work and countless sleepless nights, the Tunisian quintet is now ready to unveil its long-awaited fifth masterpiece, Shehili.

Bringing together progressive influences and catchy hooks, Shehili mixes the Arabic melodies and groovy patterns of Tales Of The Sands (2011), MYRATH’s ground-breaking third album, with the well-crafted arrangements and intricate structures of its previous magnum opus, Legacy (2016).

After months of travelling to promote Legacy and amazing concerts all around the world – including a memorable gig at Atlanta’s famous ProgPower Festival, two rounds of shows in Japan and an incredible performance at 2017’s edition of Festival International De Carthage, the biggest music event in Tunisia – the band gathered in a small studio in the Parisian suburbs with its long-time producer and friend Kevin Codfert (ADAGIO) to work on the twelve songs that would compose its new album. The writing process happened to be collegial, each member adding his own pieces to the puzzle.

The outcome, Shehili, goes high above every expectation. Innovative, yet loyal to MYRATH’s trademarks, this fifth album dares to establish contrasts between uplifting melodies and well-thought, heart-breaking lyrics. The best example of this duality can probably be found with the first single “Dance” (illustrated by a mind-blowing video, a sequel to the one that was filmed for “Believer”, the band’s biggest hit thus far), which tells the story of “a Syrian dancer who faced death threats from Isis but chose to keep on dancing, even if it meant dancing through ruins and tombs”, as singer Zaher Zorgati puts it. “The purpose of our music is to induce happiness and joy, to pay tribute to those who refuse to fall or to stop hoping, even in a world filled with hatred and uncertainty”.

Another form of duality can be found in the song “Mersal”, in which Zaher is sharing the vocal duties with the famous Tunisian-Bosnian singer Lotfi Bouchnak, considered one of the best tenors in the Middle East and the Arab world and often referred to as “Tunisia’s Pavarotti”.

Far from the clichés of most of the modern metal bands, Shehili, although produced with extreme care, keeps a very natural and organic flavour. Drums were recorded in Hamburg (Germany) by Eike Freese (DEEP PURPLE, GAMMA RAY), violin parts – courtesy of the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra itself! – were captured in Tunis, while the rest of the album was recorded by Kevin Codfert, that made sure every single note found its way into the mix.

Forged with passion and extreme caution, Shehili was mixed by three different producers, including Codfert, Freese and the famous Jens Bogren (whom already worked on Legacy), in order to give each song the best possible treatment and make it shine.

Now, what does “Shehili” mean, you may ask? This enigmatic and poetic Arabic word is the name of an ancient wind, coming all the way from the dunes of Sahara. The gentle caress of a breeze that whispers legends into your ear and open the doors to dreams... No choice left but to listen to these beautiful timeless melodies and let yourself drift!




  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2020
  • NOVA ROCK 2021
  • CLAM ROCK 2021
  • LOVELY DAYS 2021
  • PICTURE ON 2021
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2021


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