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Unprocessed is a young modern-metal band from hailing from hessias central city Wiesbaden in Germany. With their 2018 album “Covenant” the five-piece grasped the attention of the global metal community and played shows and festivals with the likes of Monuments, The Contortionist, VOLA, TesseracT, The Hirsch Effekt and many more. After touring on said record, it didn’t take too long for Unprocessed to finish yet another full-length Album, “Artificial Void” ready to be released in August 2019.

Single Info “Fear”

After Label-Debut album “Covenant” gained worldwide attention with its stunning guitar work and a fresh take on Djent with Metalcore elements, Unprocessed release the first single „Fear“ and announce their sophomore Album „Artificial Void“, to be released worldwide on August 9th.

„Fear“ reveals an even more catchy, massive sounding approach to the still technically sophisticated music, yet to be heard on the big stages around the world.

The opening riff of “Fear”  jumps straight into your face and opens up a new, futuristic sky-fi world with all the cinematic drama, huge vocal lines and bone crushing riffage on both bass and guitar, while the drums maintain the extremely high level of energy.

Album Info Artificial Void

Unprocessed remain in fast pace when it comes to their musical output. The modern metal outfit deliver a brand new record that not only takes the music to the next level, but also breaks genre-borders and shows the band from at the peak of their young career. Artificial Void marks the first Unprocessed full length album after Long Branch Records debut Covenant (2018). Though they remained true to their Djent roots and their progressive approach to musical storytelling, the band reveals surprising and new facets on this record.


•    New Album “Artificial Void” to be released August 9th via Long Branch Records

•    Multiple official Spotify Playlistings (Got Djent?, progressive Metal, New Metal Tracks)

•    Headliner Tours across EU Mainland and UK in the Covenant Albumcycle

•    Multiple major Festivalappereances like: Summerbreeze Festival (GER), UK Techfest, Radar Festival, Dissonace Festival, Euroblast Festival, GraveArt Festival and many more.

•    Supportslots for: TesseracT, Betraying the Matyrs, The Contortionist, Monuments, Voyager, The Hirsch Effekt, Being as an Ocean, Infected Rain, Napoleon and many more


•    730k Streams on Spotify for Covenant

•    Over 150k plays on Youtube

•    20k plays on YT and 10k Streams for Single “Fear” within 4 Days





  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2020
  • NOVA ROCK 2021
  • CLAM ROCK 2021
  • LOVELY DAYS 2021
  • PICTURE ON 2021
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2021


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