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The band started out in Gothenburg by Feffe and Matte in late 2008 as a two piece writing a few songs. Initially influenced by bands like The Melvins, Black Sabbath, The Jesus Lizard and Poison Idea, the band started to evolve their own sound.

It all started to get a bit more serious in early 2009 when the two-piece grew in to being a four-piece when Ulf Lundén and Peter Asp (ex-Stillborn, ex-Mary Beats Jane) joined the lineup, and gig requests started dropping in.

In May 2010 they released their self-entitled debut album on their own label Mourningwood Recordings. The album received splendid reviews and ended up in the absolute top of the Swedish review charts of 2010 with an average of 4.2 out of 5, and was appointed Band of the week by Fenriz of Darkthrone.

In March 2012 their bass player Ulf Lundén decides to leave the band. He is replaced by Jonas Rydberg (ex-Burst). The band continued to play live extensively, and toured with bands like Danko Jones and The Sword, and in late 2012 Bombus was signed to Century Media Recordings.

The second album The Poet And The Parrot was released in late August 2013, and did receive excellent reviews from everywhere.






  • NOVA ROCK 2020
  • CLAM ROCK 2020
  • LOVELY DAYS 2020
  • PICTURE ON 2020
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2020


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