Whispering Sons


Fr. 08.04.2022 Einlass: 19:30 h Beginn: 20:00 h
Belgian five-piece Whispering Sons brings a dark and unique blend of experimental and frenetic post-punk. Combining elements of no wave, industrial and avant-punk, the anxious and propulsive instrumentation is relentless and eerily abstracted, whilst vocalist Fenne Kuppens’ words, sung in a dramatic and distinctive low register, inject that extra, central tension. With their infamously ferocious live shows Whispering Sons has also firmly cemented themselves as a must-see live band. 
Over the last two years, the band have constantly outstripped their own expectations. With every momentous step forward that they take, they redraw the boundaries of what they consider possible then duly go beyond them yet again. Several Others marks Whispering Sons' first full-length since their 2018 debut Image. HAving retreated to the Ardennes during the summer, the band took the strongest parts of their old work and refined them even further. Where Image was theatrical and widescreen, this time around they focused more on their greatest strength - sheer, unpretentious intensity.

Several Others was released on June 18th 2021 on PIAS.




  • NOVA ROCK 2022
  • CLAM ROCK 2022
  • LOVELY DAYS 2022
  • PICTURE ON 2022


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